Living/Dining Improvements

When we got the RV, it had a large, uncomfortable, white sleeper sofa on one side, and a completely mismatched brown euro recliner on the other.  It also had a dinette.

We felt like we could do better.  We wanted to have some seating for all of us that faced the TV for movie nights, and we wanted a more open feel in the dining area.  So we did a little transformation over time, including:
  • Remove the dinette completely, then add some freestanding, foldable chairs.  We bought a freestanding table too, but it came unfinished so we have yet to stain/seal it
  • Add a rolling kitchen cart for extra counter space and storage
  • Replace the sofa with a full size futon.  These things are pretty light and can be rotated towards the TV (and reclined).  They also can be converted to a bed too.
  • Replace the chair with another twin sized futon, in matching wood
  • Replace the 10 year old ratty rug with a new one
The end result is a more flexible space that feels more open, yet matches with the original decor (at least I think it does...).  

Here are setup for a movie night...

And here it is all packed up and ready for transport.  I used D-rings screwed into the plywood floor to secure the rolling cart.  The extra dining room chairs fold up and go in the hanging closet in the bedroom.

There's definitely still some things to do, such as:
  • Change the color of that kitchen cart...
  • Maybe remove the overhead cabinets in the slide to open things up?
  • Finish the freestanding table we bought


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