Living/Dining Improvements

When we got the RV, it had a large, uncomfortable, white sleeper sofa on one side, and a completely mismatched brown euro recliner on the other.  It also had a dinette.

We felt like we could do better.  We wanted to have some seating for all of us that faced the TV for movie nights, and we wanted a more open feel in the dining area.  So we did a little transformation over time, including:
Remove the dinette completely, then add some freestanding, foldable chairs.  We bought a freestanding table too, but it came unfinished so we have yet to stain/seal itAdd a rolling kitchen cart for extra counter space and storageReplace the sofa with a full size futon.  These things are pretty light and can be rotated towards the TV (and reclined).  They also can be converted to a bed too.Replace the chair with another twin sized futon, in matching woodReplace the 10 year old ratty rug with a new one The end result is a more flexible space that feels more open, yet matches with the original decor (at…

KIng Bed!

So the 35SBD comes with a queen bed.  Our living situation requires us to have a king bed (or bigger, but I won't get into that).  Our previous Open Range trailer had the same issue and I modified it to accommodate a king bed.  Looking at new rigs, I knew what to look for to make sure the king will fit with a minimum of coach changes.  So when we put the rigs side-by-side for "possessions transfer", we exchanged the queen/king beds on the rigs also.  A nice side benefit is that you're still using your own mattress, not someone else's.

When I got the rig home, I reviewed what needed to be done... Make a frame for the left side of the coach so that the king mattress can extend further (as it happens, it extends right to the wall)Remove the side table assembly because it gets in the way of the mattress - the frame assembly will replace itIn order to avoid head bumps, something needs to be done with that overhead cabinet. So first I took out that side table assembly.…
So I guess my first post should be about the RV we've been living with, huh?

We have a 2008 Safari Simba 35SBD.  It's a diesel pusher with a Caterpillar 330HP engine.  I call it the "Clatterpillar" because of the noises it makes when it's running - scary, but I guess it's normal!

We bought it around January, 2016 from Lazydays in Tampa, FL.  We had originally wanted to go to the big RV show in Tampa that weekend, but decided "why do we want to go to an RV show that only has *new* rigs when we know we're going to buy a *used* rig?"  It's a good thing we didn't go to the show that day too - the waiting line to get in was blocking I-4 traffic!

My favorite part of the rig is the full body paint.  A quick wash and the thing gleams like new!  Of course there are a few scratches and scuffs that made it past the lacquer, but for the most part the full body paint keeps the RV looking really nice - totally recommended even though it can be costly.